823 North Broad Street, Edenton, North Carolina 27932, US +1 (252) 482-2107
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FAQ of Coach House Inn Edenton Hotel near Fishing Tournament

An economical motel, conveniently located on Broad Street.

1. Where can I stay near the Roanoke River Lighthouse?

Coach House Inn offers the best price for simple accommodations near Roanoke River Lighthouse and the other historic and waterfront attractions of Edenton, North Carolina. Early booking ensures you get a room at this well-rated budget hotel.

2. Does Coach House Inn in Edenton offer free parking?

Yes, Coach House inn provides all guests free parking and additional amenities including free wifi in public areas.

3. What’s close to Coach House Inn?

People stay at Coach House Inn when seeking a hotel near Taylor Theatre, a hotel near College of The Albemarle, a hotel near Chowan Golf and Country Club and a hotel near Raleigh Airport. It is close to all the area’s historic destinations and waterfront attractions.

4. How do I get to Coach House Inn in Edenton, North Carolina?

That’s easy. It’s at 823 North Broad Street. That’s the same street that goes to the lighthouse and the welcome center.

5. What’s the best budget hotel in Edenton, North Carolina?

Smart travelers stay at Coach House Inn because it offers low rates, in-town convenience and well-rated, clean rooms as well as a pleasant and trustworthy staff. You won’t find a better place to stay in this charming small town.

6. What’s the name of the brick hotel on North Broad in Edenton?

The brick hotel with the yellow sign at 823 North Broad Street is Coach House Inn, where you’ll find free parking and a safe, convenient location for business or pleasure travel. It’s an independent property where guest needs come first.

7. Are there any North Carolina travel deals available?

Reach out directly to Coach House Inn in Edenton for last-minute pricing or book the low rate online. You’ll find historic sites and much more to enjoy near this simple, fun hotel that makes it easy to reach everything in town and around the region.

8. Where can I find an extended stay hotel in Edenton, North Carolina?

Your best bet for an extended stay is Coach House Inn on North Broad Street, which offers housekeeping service, free wifi in public areas, free parking and other conveniences. It also offers corporate rates.